The Wear Waterpolo Promise


Wear Waterpolo creates, curates and distributes the highest quality waterpolo suits and water polo themed apparel in the world. You won't find swimming or triathlon here (or corona-masks), because our focus is 100% on waterpolo. We want to make water polo players look, feel, and play their best. It's as simple as that. Here are all the ways we do it:

Manufactured in EU (Hungary), our own Total Waterpolo line is groundbreaking in design and performance. To deliver quality, we partner with high-end manufacturers and the world’s best players such as Dénes Varga and Felipe Perrone. We also offer custom free design and made-to-order team gear, shipping worldwide. Find the list of our sales representatives for US, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Australia/New Zealand, Global at the bottom of this page.


Wear Waterpolo is a division of Total Waterpolo, the fastest-growing waterpolo community since 2017. Through our shop, news site, and real-time match tracking app, TW is bringing transparency and innovation to the sport - we believe waterpolo needs it desperately. Here is our misison:


RePOOL technology - Total Waterpolo suits are designed and manufactured in Hungary, using our unique RePOOL methodology: 55% of the suit is ocean plastic turned into REPREVE®, a premium performance fiber. REPREVE® is used by all the leading sports equipment producers in the world for their high-end lines.

Total Waterpolo Arena is our free real-time match tracking app. It is simple, modern, and we guarantee it’s 100% better than any other app you’ve used. Best of all, it’s completely free. Leagues across Europe (the Nordic League, Finland, Romania, Austria to name a few) are already happy users - and you too can apply on the Total Waterpolo Arena page.


Total Waterpolo apparel - We can’t count the number of times we've wanted to wear something that was waterpolo-themed, but couldn’t find anything that looked good. So we developed our own premium clothing line. You can now promote waterpolo on meetings, nights out, at the gym... On any occasion.

Total Waterpolo & Total Player

The bread and butter of our brand, and the thing that started it all… Our news website has been delivering breaking news and opinion since 2017. Directly at the source of information in professional waterpolo, TW follows happenings worldwide 24/7, and often influences them ;) The editorial section showcases amateur waterpolo, offers in-depth interviews, and our Total Waterpolo Player is the most prestigious player award in the world - decided only by audience votes and coaches. No politics, just play. 100% independent.


For arrangements on custom team equipment orders, you are advised to work directly with one of our country representatives.


Engin Ege Colak

UK & Ireland

Simon Tomlinson


Eric Spithoven


Alessandro D’Onofrio 

Australia & New Zealand

Lachlan Griffiths 


Marko Štefanek