Total Waterpolo Apparel - Wear Waterpolo™

The Total Waterpolo Project

We started the Total Waterpolo project with one goal in mind: Saving water polo from the existence of an unsignificant fringe sport.

With nothing but the passion, time and effort of the few individuals involved, we spent the past three years growing our news platform, consolidating the international community and exploring new channels of promotion.

While we are still far from accomplishing our mission, Total Waterpolo has grown into a leader in the water polo sports community and the most valued fan destination for all things water polo.


Show Passion - Wear Waterpolo™

The Total Waterpolo Apparel brand marks the next step in our ambitious journey. We want to make high-end equipment and "waterpolo-themed" casual lifestyle apparel available to the global community in one spot - the Total Waterpolo Store.

Under our trademark motto Wear Waterpolo™ we aim to encourage fans and followers of the sport to proudly show their passion and support the Total Waterpolo mission of elevating the game to and beyond former glory.


While partnering up with some of the global players in competitive swimwear, we also launched our very own apparel brand, channeling the Total Waterpolo vision in form of equipment and clothing for every fan of the sport. We spent decades wearing and over two years researching the right material and production methods for our authentic Total Waterpolo swimwear.

Wear what you love and instead of generic brands from large retail stores. Every purchase made actively supports our ongoing efforts like the Total Waterpolo Arena, the annual Total Player Award or our ongoing news coverage of water polo around the world.