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FAB SPORTSWEAR started in Greece, from the oldest member of the Garyfallos family, Andrew Garyfallos. Andrew’s passion for sports and his athletic talent, specifically in water polo and swimming, was the kick to the opening of the first FAB Sportswear store in 1978 in Athens, under the name “Garyfallos Sport”. Andrew was an extraordinary athlete. He was the Water Polo Patriarch of Greece and the list of his accomplishments is long. It includes nine swimming championships and 17 water polo championships with his beloved team, Ethnikos Piraeus. Andrew was the captain of Ethnikos as well as the captain of the Greek water polo National team for over ten years. He was two times Olympian, once in Mexico in 1968 as a player, and once in Moscow in 1980 as a coach of the National team. His son, Yiannis, continued his legacy.

Yiannis also played for Ethnikos Piraeus and the national team of Greece. He won the Greek water polo championship 14 times and 3 times the Greek cup. He was Greece’s first scorer and MVP player twice. He was a valuable member of the National team for 11 years and he serviced as the captain for the last four. One time Olympian in Moscow in 1980 Olympic games.

Yiannis met his wife Natasa when she was on the peak of her swimming career. She was a member of the swimming National team for 11 years, and was swimming for Olympiakos Piraeus. She was a swimming champion with multiple National and Balkan records in butterfly, backstroke and medley. It worth mentioning that she broke the backstroke National woman record at the age of 12.

Their first-born Andrew followed the family history. He played for Ethnikos Piraeus and was a member of the Greek water polo National team. Andrew brought the first international medal to the family, winning the second place in 1999 European Championship with the junior National team. He is now FAB Sportswear’s head and manager.

Coming last but not least, Julia was born a few years later. She grew not far from the family tradition, being a water polo player herself. Julia played for Glyfada Nautical club and Ethnikos Piraeus. She was a member of the water polo National team for over six years and has participate in multiple European and World championships. She played for Long Beach State University in California, USA, where she is now finishing her degree in Marketing and Management.

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