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Waterpolo Everywhere <br> Blue / Orange | RePOOL™

Waterpolo Everywhere <br> Blue / Orange | RePOOL™

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Each item is custom made in the EU and shipped from our fulfillment center in Budapest, Hungary. 

Delivery time is the average of time corresponding to the preparation-manufacturing and shipping. The delivery time of orders from our online store varies from 48 hours to a maximum of 15 business days.

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Check out the back to see how "water polo" is said in different countries around the world! This suit is a tribute to the thing that unites us all, regardless of what language we speak: our passion for this beautiful aquatic sport. 

    The suit also features a interesting contrast of blue and orange checkers on the front, and a fun orange strip on the side. It is professional-grade swimwear created with REPREVE®, the world's athletic leading performance fiber, and eco-friendly!

      • Made in Hungary
      • Eco-friendly: 55% recycled polyester
      • Materials: 55% REPREVE®+ 45% PBT
      • Label printed on fabric - no scratch!
      • Form-fitting coverage
      • High shape retention
      • Reinforced seams
      • Chlorine-resistant

      Check out more under Material and Recycling.


    55% recycled, 100% water polo.

    Our RePOOL™ design is the most innovative on the market: engineered for the exact specifications of competitive play, all while being made from 55% recycled materials. It's comfort and durability, paired with ethical approach to manufacturing.

    - Reinforced seams 
    - Adjustable cord 
    - Double lining in front and back 
    - Chlorine proof 
    - High shape retention 
    - High pilling resistance 
    - UV protection 
    - Two-way stretch 
    - Durable colors and prints 
    - Composition: 55% Recycled PL "REPREVE®" + 45% PBT


    The innovative, high-tech polyester blend is both, high performance and recycled. Chlorine proof, stretch, UV protective, pilling resistance, fast drying and with a high shape retention power, our swimwear is built to last.


    Rewrite the future with RePOOL


    Your purchase helps support the initiative to clean our oceans from plastic! Our swimwear consists of 55% Recycled PL fibre, called REPREVE® - the world's leading recycled fiber. More than 20 milions of plastic bottles have been retrieved from the ocean in order to create REPREVE material. Made for the good of tomorrow - and you'll look good wearing it today.

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